Self Drive Tour along Silk Road to Laos
Self Drive Tour along Silk Road to Laos

Self Drive Tour along Silk Road to Laos

- Self Drive Travel from Irkeshtam to Mohan
27 Days | (Kyrgyzstan) - Irkeshtam – Kashgar – Aksu – Kucha – Korla – Turfan – Hami – Dunhuang – Jiayuguan – Zhangye – Lanzhou – Tianshui – Guangyuan - Chengdu - Yaan - Xichang - Panzhihua - Kunming - Jianshui - Yuanyang - Jiangcheng - Mengla - Mohan - (Laos)
Entrance Customs into China: Irkeshtam
Exit Customs from China: Mohan
Enter China from (Land Name): Kyrgyzstan
Leave China to (Land Name): Laos
Discover the northern silk road along the footprint of Marco Polo
Drive through the Taklamakan Desert
Ancient road of Shu Kingdom
Discover the southern silk road
Minorities in South Yunnan
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Day01 Irkeshtam – Kashgar Enter China, drive to Kashgar, approx. 234km, approx. 3hrs 33min.
In the morning we arrive in Irkeshtam port between China and Kyrgyzstan. Leading car and your guide will meet you at Chinese country border. Then escort you to cross approx. 110km no man land and then get to Irkeshtam border. Guide will assist for custom formalities etc. The procedure is complex and might take a lot of time. So you may leave the border in the late afternoon. Drive to Kashgar. 3N in Kashgar

Day02 Kashgar: we will assist for custom formalities and car check, obtain your temporary drive license and vehicle tag etc.

Day03 Kashgar: city sightseeing. approx. 70km.
Our guide today will bring us to visit Kashgar includes the bazaar where many Uyghur people make business and the old city area of Kashgar, Id Kah Mosque and the Tomb of Abakh Hoja etc.

Day04 Kashgar - Aksu: 464km, 7hrs. 1N in Aksu

Day05 Aksu - Kucha : 260km, 5hrs. Visit Kizil Thousand Buddha Cave. 1N in Kucha

Day06 Kucha - Korla: 295km, 6hrs. Visit Subashi Ancient City. 1N in Korla

Day07 Korla - Turfan: asphalt road, approx. 420km, approx. 6hrs. Visit Bosten Lake en route. If time allows, visit Emin Minarett (Sugong Ta) and Karez. 1N in Turfan

Day08 Turfan – Hami: asphalt road, approx. 480km, approx. 7hrs. Today we will visit the Flaming Mountain, Gaochang Ancient City Ruins, and the Thousand-Bouddha Caves of Beziklik. 1N in Hami

Day09 Hami – Liuyuan – Dunhuang: highway and asphalt road, approx. 400km, approx. 6hrs. In the morning visit Hui-king Tomb. Leave for Dunhuang, Gansu Province. In the afternoon, arrival in Dunhuang. 2N in Dunhuang

Day10 Dunhuang: Full day tour in Dunhuang. Appreciate Mogao Grottos, which is one of the greatest examples of Buddhist art, and symbol of East-West cultural exchange. Visit the Singing Sand Dunes and Crescent Spring Pool.

Day11 Dunhuang - Jiayuguan: asphalt road and highway, approx. 373km, approx. 6hrs. Visit Jiayuguan Tower and Hanging Great Wall. 1N in Jiayuguan

Day12 Jiayuguan – Zhangye (1483M): highway, approx.224km, approx.3hrs. On the way, view the mystery Danxia Landform. Visit Temple of the Great Buddha in Zhangye. 1N in Zhangye

Day13 Zhangye - Lanzhou: 523km, 6hrs 40min. Visit Big Buddhist Temple in Zhangye. 1N in Lanzhou

Day14 Lanzhou - Tianshui: 285km, 4hrs, highway. Visit Maijishan Grottoes. 1N in Tianshui

Day15 Tianshui - Hanzhong: 372km, 8hrs 15min, national road. 1N in Hanzhong

Day16 Hanzhong - Guangyuan - Zhaohua: 204km. Visit Plank Road at Mingyue Gorge. 1N in Zhaohua

Day17 Zhaohua - Jianmenguan - Sanxingdui - Chengdu: 304km. 2N in Chengdu

Day18 Chengdu: visit Chengdu Giant Panda Base of Breeding and Research and enjoy the leisure at the Broad Lane and Narrow Lane (Kuan Xiangzi and Zhai Xiangzi). Then have a seat in the teahouse, enjoy your Covered-bowl tea in the center of the city.

Day19 Chengdu - Ya’an - Xichang: 396km, highway. Walk along the Qionghai Lake. 1N in Xichang

Day20 Xichang - Panzhihua - Yongren - Yuanmou - Wuding - Fuming - Kunming: 506km, 6hrs 55min. 2N in Kunming

Day21 Kunming: visit the Golden Hall and Xishan Longmen Grottoes.

Day22 Kunming - Stone Forests - Jianshui: 290km, 6hrs. Visit the Stone Forests. 1N in Jianshui

Day23 Jianshui – Yuanyang: 83km. Visit Garden of Family Zhang at Tuanshan Village, Double Dragon Bridge, Chaoyang Floor, Jianshui Ancient town, Confucius Temple, etc. 2N in Yuanyang

Day24 Yuanyang: Jingkou Village of Hani People, Shengcun Terrace, Duoyishu Village scarpe nike outlet and Laohuzui (means Tiger Mouth) Terrace.

Day25 Yuanyang - Jiangcheng: 305km, provincial road. 1N in Jiangcheng

Day26 Jiangcheng - Mengla - Mohan: 185+58km, provincial road. 1N in Mohan

Day27 Mohan - Muang Namo: exit into Laos. Service ended.

Self drive, a great way to discover and experience China!
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