Self Drive Tour from Mongolia via East Tibet to Laos
Self Drive Tour from Mongolia via East Tibet to Laos

Self Drive Tour from Mongolia via East Tibet to Laos

- Self Drive Travel from Erlianhaote via East Tibet to Mohan
24 Days | (Mongolia) - Erlianhaote – Ulan Qab - Datong - Erdous - Zhongwei – Alxa Youqi – Badan Jilin Wueste - Zhangye - Xining - Madoi – Yushu - Shiqu – Garze (Ganzi) - Pelyul - Litang - Yading – Derong – Shangri-La – Lijiang – Nanjian - Puer - Mengla - Mohan - (Laos)
Entrance Customs into China: Erlianhaote
Exit Customs from China: Mohan
Enter China from (Land Name): Mongolia
Leave China to (Land Name): Laos
Natural wonders of western China: Bandan Jilin Desert, Danxia landform in Zhangye, Qinghai-Tibet plateau
Unrecognized temples in East Tibet Amdo-Kham: Dozgchen Temple, Nunnery Yarchen (Yaqing Si), Peyul Temple
Three beautiful holy mountains in Yading
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Day01 Enter China at Erlianhaote (also Ehrenhot)
In the morning arriving in Erlianhaote, administrative formalities. 2N in Erlianhaote

Day02 Erlianhaote: assist to obtain your temporary drive license and vehicle tag etc. if time is enough, visit the dinosaur museum. And we would like to suggest to buy a sim card with the assistance of the guide.

Day03 Erlianhaote – Uangab – Datong: 454km, 6hrs. highway. 1N in Tatong

Day04 Datong – Erdous: 409km, 5hrs 40min. highway. Visit the Yugang Grottoes in Datong. 1N in Erdous

Day05 Erdous – Zhongwei: 625km, 7hrs. highway. 1N in Zhongwei

Day06 Zhongwei – Alxa Youqi: 548km, 7hrs 30min. 1N in Alxa Youqi

Day07 Alxa Youqi – Badan Jilin Desert: departure at 08:00 o’clock with local jeep to Holy Spring Yinderi Tu (approx. 3 km). The sacred spring rises in the lake. Climb the 500-meter high Sand Dune Bilu Tu (approx. 2.5 hours), it is known as "Mount Qomolangma in the desert." Visit Bada Jilin Monastery. Then return to the Geo-Alanshan National Park. Camping
Day08 Badan Jilin Desert – Alxa Youqi – Zhangye: 493km, 10hrs. Visit the Great Buddha Tempel in Zhangye. 1N in Zhangye   

Day09 Zhangye – Xining: 338km, 5hrs 30min. Visit the Danxia landform in Zhangye. 1N in Xining

Day10 Xining – Kumbum Temple (Ta’er Temple) – Madoi: 503km, 8hrs. 2N in Madoi

Day11 Madoi – Ngoring Lake – Gyaring Lake – Madoi

Day12 Madoi – Shewu – Shiqu: 377km, 6hrs. On the way visit Shewu Temple and Sershul Temple. 1N in Shiqu
Day13 Shiqu – Manigango – Garze (Ganzi): 312km, 6hrs 44min. Visit Dozgchen Temple. 1N in Garze

Day14 Garze – Yaqing Temple – Peyul: 240km, 5hrs. Visit Yaqing Temple. 1N in Peyul

Day15 Pelyu – Batang – Litang: 365km, 9hrs. Visit Peyul Temple. 1N in Litang

Day16 Litang – Daocheng – Yading: 229km, 6hrs 38min. 2N in Yading

Day17 Yading: sightseeing all daylong in Yading.

Day18 Yading – Daocheng – Xiangcheng – Derong: 348km, 8hrs 30min. Visit Sangpi Temple in Xiangcheng. 1N in Derong

Day19 Derong – Benzilan – Shangri-La: 143km, 3hrs. Visit the firs bend of the Jinshajiang River; visit Sumzanlin Temple in Shangri-La. 1N in Shangri-La

Day20 Shangri-La – Tiger Leaping Gorge (1800m) – Lijiang. (2400m. UNESCO): 181km, 3hrs 30min. Visit the ancient city in Lijiang. 1N in Lijiang

Day21 Lijiang – Dali – Nanjian: 295km, 4hrs 15min. In Dali visit the Three Pagoda, boating on Erhai Lake and visit Dali Ancient Town. 1N in Nanjian

Day22 Nanjian – Lincang – Jinggu – Puer: 363km, 7hrs 36min. 1N in Puer

Day23 Puer – Jinghong – Mengla – Mohan: 271km, 5hrs. 1N in Mohan

Day24 Mohan – Laos: exit into Laos. assist for the exit formalities. Service ends.

Self drive, a great way to discover and experience China!
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