Self-driving Group Tour Crossing China from Mongolia to Laos 10.10 - 05 .11.2016 (2)

Self-driving Group Tour Crossing China from Mongolia to Laos 10.10 - 05 .11.2016 (2)

Jens was an absolutely wonderful guide.

Thanks for your email. We actually had been meaning to email you. 

We want to tell you that Jens was an absolutely wonderful guide. He was knowledgeable, patient, and exceedingly helpful. There was nothing he would not assist us with, whether it was finding somewhere to do laundry, or finding a specific type of food. He always knew the history and interesting facts about the places he took us. He was kind to the children and the adults. We even got to meet his father and his wife, which was very special for us. He was extremely professional but also very open and welcoming. In addition, his hours of work were extraordinary. He worked every single day for an entire month without a break, from the early morning until the late evening. This is unheard of in Australia, and we were blown away by how alert, responsible, and friendly he remained despite the very, very long hours. He is truly a professional guide and a person with a lot of inner strength. Even when he did not know the answers (because this was only his second overland trip), he found a way to get the answers. He listened to our suggestions and made changes to the trip according to our wishes, where possible and appropriate.

Please pass on our praise of Jens to his bosses, and to him. We strongly recommend Jens to any travellers.  

In regards to photos - we are happy to send some. Would you like photos of scenery or the sights, or of our group, or of Jens? Or a combination of these things?

Tour length: 27 Days
Tour route: Erlianhaote - Ulan Qab - Beijing - Datong - Taiyuan - Pingyao - Changzhi - Jiaozuo - Shaolin Temple - Luoyang - Sanmenxia - Xi’an - Zhouzhi - Foping – Yangxian – Hanzhong - Ningqiang – Guangyuan - Mianyang - Guanghan - Chengdu - Leshan – Liujiang - Yaan -
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